The Frick Art & Historical Center

September 8, 2003

Mr. Gary W. Czajkowski,

CZ Sound

106 Powell Street

East Pittsburgh, P A 15112

Dear Gary,

On behalf of the staff of First Fridays at the Frick, thank you for the excellent, competent, and reliable service that Rick Montgomery and his crew provided to us throughout the 2003 concert season. The confidence that we have in him and his abilities to provide the outstanding sound that he does gives us one less thing to worry about in the presentation of our concerts. We hope that our professional relationship with CZ Sound, Rick, and you continues into the future.

The stage lighting that Rick and his crew set up for Friday's concert was terrific. It certainly gave the concert a more professional look as compared with our prior concerts when we used our makeshift work/spot lights in front of the stage. We will be talking with you about using those lights again for some of the concerts of the 2004 season.

Thank you for your services, and we look forward to working with you in 2004.

Sincerely yours,


Margaret A. McLean

Co-Producer of First Fridays at the Frick Visitor Services Department