Mr. Gary Czajkowski

CZ Sound

106 Powell Street

East Pittsburgh, PA 15112

Dear Gary


Though this letter seems late, it is, none the less, heartfelt and sincere. Perhaps the lateness of this letter is due in part to the fact that with both systems installed by your company, at Hillside Presbyterian Church, Greenville, and Reynolds High School, Greenville, we have incurred absolutely no problems, and have been totally satisfied with the quality.

Being a professional musician and music teacher, sound is my livelihood. Working with high school students as musical director and choir director and as the church

choir director, I must depend on a quality sound reinforcement system that will allow the fruits of their labor to be enjoyed by all in the sanctuary or auditorium. Your systems are dependable and of high quality allowing me to focus on the music.

Each year I visit a number of area high school auditoriums for choral festivals and musical drama presentations disappointed and shocked at the sub quality of the

sound reinforcement systems being installed, especially after many auditoriums have been renovated. The auditoriums are being renovated as a showplace for the public. and not a concert hall. This makes it especially difficult for a sound system to match

the acoustics of the hall.

The systems we have at Hillside and Reynolds clearly match our halls and allow sound to be heard clearly and naturally from every seat, without strain. I would welcome anyone to visit and hear for themselves the quality of the systems your company has provided. Thank you again Gary for removing the worry of sound reinforcement, and allowing me to worry only about the music.


Thomas R. Fleet

Reynolds High School

Hillside Presbyterian Church.