St. Sylvester Church




June 13, 2001

Gary Czajkowski

CZ Sound

106 Powell Street

East Pittsburgh, P A 15112

This letter is a statement of support for the excellence and quality workmanship provided by CZ Sound. I have used the services of CZ Sound for 15 years in four parishes, which consists of a total of 7 church building, a high school auditorium and a several church halls and meeting areas. Each installation had unique factors that made the job difficult. Each site now has superior sound quality!

There are several factors that make working with CZ Sound a blessing for any church:

1.) The needs of the church or room are completely investigated. Gary Czajkowski performs an onsite inspection of the area. Many times, because of his experience, Gary is able to make suggestions that were not previously thought about. 2.) The installation of the sound system is done in a timely manner. The installers show up when they are scheduled and are willing to work around church services such as funerals. 3.) The installation is neat, safe and simple to use. It is a rare day that CZ Sound has to come back to make adjustments. Because of the well thought out system, it is done right the first time!

I have and will continue to recommend CZ Sound to any church that is looking for quality and professional sound for their congregation.

Reverend Mark A. Eckman Pastor