Typical Uses of the CoLine Loudspeaker System

Shown above are the Coline Loudspeaker and CoSub used to cover the floor audience at a theater. In this venue stage stacks are required because the theater doesn't have them. The usual problem of excessive volume for audience seated near the stage is eliminated with the use of this loudspeaker system, Also, connection to the House Under-Balcony coverage system isn't necessary because the CoLine Loudspeaker system provides effective coverage to the rear of the auditorium floor. The additional advantage is that the House Sound Mixer hears the Front of House Loudspeakers instead of the House Under-Balcony System allowing a more accurate mix to be achieved.

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Here again the Coline Loudspeaker and CoSub used to cover the floor audience at Carnegie Music Hall, Pittsburgh. This Hall is a classic turn of the century hall. The seating is shallow  but very wide. Some of the audience is only about 6 feet from the stage stacks. Typical loudspeakers simply crush these people with excessive volume. Also, very wide coverage is needed from the Front of House Loudspeakers to cover the audience front-center and to the far stage right and left. The CoLine Loudspeaker system provides unprecedented floor coverage of this hall. To repeat, listeners near the CoLine Loudspeaker (see top left photo)  hear at very comfortable volume while the sound at the rear of the hall floor is remarkably the same as the sound 20' from the stage.

Until the CoLine Loudspeaker System was available, Sound Reinforcement for these type of venues suffered from many deficiencies and problems. There really is no way with a typical loudspeaker system to prevent the listeners nearest the stage from experiencing excessive and potentially dangerous volume levels. Coverage to the rear of the hall floor usually requires the deployment of additional loudspeaker systems partway back. This eats up seats (revenue) and  adds the hazard of stands and cables. Very wide coverage requires multiple splayed loudspeakers. This introduces the unavoidable problem of quality reducing interference caused by this approach. Also a horizontally splayed array has reduced horizontal coverage at lower frequencies due to the line array effect. This also makes it difficult, if not impossible to achieve a consistent response everywhere. The CoLine Loudspeaker System eliminates these problems in a very easy to deploy package. In addition, speaker, processing, and amplifier count are reduced. As a result, overall sound system cost (permanent or temporary) is reduced. Less labor, less time, less equipment, more accurate and even distribution of sound.

Portable or temporary setup time is also reduced because equalization time is reduced. In most cases equalization setup includes;1. flattening the response of the loudspeaker system, 2.adjusting for the compromises created by multiple cabinets, and 3.reducing system output in the frequency range where room reverberation is most excessive.

1. Since the CoLine Loudspeaker system is set for flat power response no time is required to "flatten" the loudspeaker system.

2. Since multiple speakers aren't required with a Coline Loudspeaker system, no time is required to "voice" the loudspeaker system for the interference induced compromises created by multiple speakers.

3. Since the CoLine does not energize the room very much, reducing sound reinforcement output in the range of the rooms maximum reverb time isn't typically required.

As a result of 1, 2 and 3, it should be clear that the CoLine Loudspeaker System reproduces exactly what it is given in a very controlled manner. Sound reproduction accuracy is improved because drastic equalization isn't required to correct for non-loudspeaker issues.

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