Liturgical Sound Systems

For the past 25 years, CZ SOUND LLC has provided custom sound systems for churches and auditoriums. We are known for our ability to make speech intelligible and music accurate in very difficult acoustic spaces.

Most churches were designed to carry the sound of organ music, an important element in worship. However,
often times the sound system does not include the necessary features and performance
characteristics needed to convey articulate speech in the reverberation that makes music sound full.

Quality and consistency are the two key factors in designing a sound system. Our systems are designed to deliver
consistently high performance with minimal user adjustment.
Our design philosophy is to make a complex but easy-to-use system, with control settings accessible only to
authorized personnel.

CZ SOUND LLC continues to research and evaluate new products and technology, in order to provide our clients with state of the art, consultant quality systems at more affordable
non-consultant prices. It is this commitment to advanced technologies and their applications that sets us apart from the competition and allows us to remain an industry leader.

Often times churches try to save money by buying low cost sound systems but find themselves replacing these inferior systems two or three times before choosing the right
contractor. CZ SOUND LLC will research and evaluate your space and recommend a customized sound reinforcement system that will meet or exceed your needs, as well as save you money in the long run.


Contemporary Worship Sound Systems

Today’s contemporary worship experience relies more than ever on audio, video, and lighting systems.

Audio systems, including monitor systems, distributed sound, broadcasting, and recording, must be capable of high quality sound reproduction, dynamic range, and consistent coverage. Support equipment often includes wireless in-ear monitoring for Praise Team and Band. Each of these members may want their own "mix" which is accomplished with a dedicated system such as Aviom or using the Aux mixes on the House Mixing Console. Many of today's Digital Mixing Consoles can be accessed remotely and wirelessly via an Ipad or tablet PC. This allows each mix to be adjusted by the individual allowing the House Mixing person to concentrate on the Mix for the congregation.

Video projection is often used to support music in worship. Illustrations, notes, and hymn lyrics can be projected rather than printed and distributed individually; for congregational singing, projected lyrics allow the congregation to project their voices and focus on the meaning, rather than burying their heads in their hymn books.

Integrated lighting is used to focus attention on the pulpit, the choir, the altar, or elsewhere as needed. This subtle tool can bring focus to your worship experience. This lighting may be conventional, LED or Moving Head, or a mix of all depending on what type of lighting is desired. LED lighting can be used as Wall Washers" that can be made any color for any desired effect.

CZ SOUND LLC possesses the knowledge, resources, and experience to fully coordinate Audio/Video/Lighting systems.

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