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CoLine Loudspeaker System
(Coaxial, Coincident, Coherent)Line™] Loudspeaker

The CoLine™ Loudspeaker is a Coaxial/Coincident 2-way full-range Line Loudspeaker System that solves coverage and reverberation problems in many applications. The selection of drivers, physical arrangement, and most importantly crossover configuration combine to make a multi-way loudspeaker system that behaves as a single driver. There are no detectable notches in the system response anywhere within the 160 degree horizontal coverage. The low and high frequency section phase and  time domain behavior results in the low and high frequency driver outputs exactly overlaid for perfect impulse response. As a result speech is easier to understand and percussive musical sounds are reproduced with the same transient signature as they are produced. Musical texture is much closer to an un-amplified experience. All of the compromises that work to reduce the ideal performance of a loudspeaker system have been addressed in this loudspeaker system. The Line Array arrangement allows this loudspeaker system to provide high quality audio in acoustically hostile environments such as large churches, convention centers, large theaters and concert halls. In many cases delay zone loudspeakers far from the stage are not required. Use of this loudspeaker system can eliminate the need for acoustical treatment to reduce reverberation. This is a feature that is usually desirable in churches and concert halls.

Even though this loudspeaker system is compact it can generate 105db at 100 feet from the stage. And the horizontal coverage is more than twice as wide as a popular ribbon driver at frequencies above 2.5Khz. This means that more of the audience hears extended range audio.

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