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CZ Sound LLC rents professional audio equipment! From single channel wireless microphone systems to stacks and racks and complete sound sound systems, we've got it all. Call 412-823-3370, or E-mail for prices and availability.

Here are some of the products that we have

Wireless Microphones by Sennheiser, AKG, TOA, Vega (Countryman E6 Headsets available), Lectrosonics Venue
Plate Microphones for stage pickup, Crown PCC-160 and AKG C547BL
Microphones by AKG, EV, Crown, Audio-Technica, Countryman, Beyer, Sennheiser
Mixing Consoles by: Crest, DDA, Mackie, EV
Signal Processing by: Lexicon, BSS, K*T, Rane, EV, Merlin, Ashly
Amplifiers by: QSC, Crest, EV, Ashly, Mackie
Loudspeakers by EV (MT-2, Sx200), Altec (DTS Coaxial Array), Frazier CAT50 series,   CoLine
Audio Line Loudspeakers, JBL VRX932

Note: The CoLine™ Loudspeaker is an excellent choice for Musical Theater Sound Reinforcement.