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Coline CL-1

Over the past year (2005) CZ SOUND LLC has solved some very difficult acoustic and architectural challenges with our CoLine CL-1. Its small dimensions allow it to be installed inconspicuously. Depending on which version tremendous vertical pattern control can be obtained, making it a very effective loudspeaker to use in acoustically difficult, if not impossible situations. The very close spacing of our high performance 2" drivers makes the CL1 behave almost as a continuous line source much like a ribbon driver, but without some of the negative performance characteristics of a ribbon driver. The CL1 can reproduce more low frequency information and has higher power handling capacity than a ribbon driver. In fact, we have installed more than 60 CL1's in speech only applications such as churches, halls, and courtrooms. If low frequency output below 125Hz is required then a subwoofer can be added.

 The CL-1 is only 3-5/8" wide and 3-5/8" deep.

The CL1-12 is a 12 driver Line array with an overall length of approximately 30 inches.
The CL1-24 is a 24 driver Line array with an overall length of approximately 60 inches.
The CL1-36 is a 36 driver Line array with an overall length of approximately 90 inches.

The CL-1 Line Array is a derivative of the CoLine CL-2. The CL-1 is the Upper Frequency Reproducer Array of the 2-way CoLine CL2. This Reproducer Array is capable of reproducing sound in the range of 125Hz to over 20Khz with rather high output. Output levels of over 100 db at 100' are possible.

Coline CL-1 Uses

We have so far found several outstanding uses of the CL-1.

Main Loudspeaker: The CL-1 can be used as the only loudspeaker for speech and music reproduction in highly reverberant churches. The minimal size of this loudspeaker helps make it unobtrusive in installations while its available long vertical dimension prevent exciting the space with energy directed at the floor and ceiling. The behavior of the CL-1approaches the cylindrical wavefront of a true line source. Its coverage is very wide horizontally. In fact it is only 3 db down at ±70° horizontal at 8Khz! Vertically, the coverage is simply the height of the line array. There is effectively no sound above or below the line array perpendicular its front.


Front Fill: In addition to use as a main loudspeaker, usually mounted vertically, the CL1 makes an excellent front fill loudspeaker. Its small size allows it to be set on a stage or platform lip without imposing on sightlines. Front fill loudspeakers are typically used where side or central coverage loudspeakers don't provide enough coverage and output, especially when a live band or orchestra is present. Typically only voice/vocals are routed into the front fill loudspeakers so that they may be heard above the band or orchestra. An additional benefit is the acoustic image is brought down to the stage center rather from an overhead speaker system or side speakers.


Side Fill At Church of the Ascension, Oakland, Pittsburgh, PA, we used the CL1 to fill the transepts. Since the main loudspeaker coverage did not quite fill here by prediction we added a CL-1 at each transept to provide seamless sound coverage through the entire church seating area.




At Christ the Light of the World Parish in Duquesene, PA, an effective and unobtrusive sound system was required. The church is rather reverberant and the appearance of the loudspeakers was an important consideration.

The CoLine CL1-36 filled these requirements while providing clear intelligible sound reinforcement for speech and music. The CoLine CL1-36 has remarkably even coverage front to back and side to side due to the fact that the CoLine CL1-36 is a true true line array.